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Surveyor Guide Notes for Additional Surveys

Additional surveys
Whenever an accident occurs to a ship or a defect is discovered which affects the safety or integrity of the ship or the efficiency or completeness of its equipment, the master or owner should make a report at the earliest opportunity to the Administration, the nominated surveyor or recognized organization responsible for issuing the relevant certificate. The Administration, the nominated surveyor or recognized organization responsible for issuing the relevant certificate should then initiate an investigation to determine whether a survey, as required by the regulations applicable to the particular certificate, is necessary. This additional survey, which may be general or partial according to the circumstances, should be such as to ensure that the repairs and any renewals have been effectively made and that the ship and its equipment continue to be fit for the service for which the ship is intended.

1. Method of Performance

1.1 Repair Surveys, SOLAS Stipulations

Additional surveys for repairs of passenger ships are specified in SOLAS 74, Protocol 88, Chapter 1, Part B, Reg.7 to be performed as follows:
“The survey shall be such as to ensure that the necessary repairs or renewals have been effectively made, that the material and workmanship of such repairs or renewals are in all respects satisfactory, and that the ship complies in al respects with the provisions of the present regulations and of the international Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (RPCS) in force, and of the laws, decrees, orders and regulations promulgated as a result thereof by the Administration.”

The same regulation applies to cargo ships.

1.2 Repair Surveys/Requirements of a recognized classification society

Where damage has occurred to ship's hull, machinery including electrical plant or the automatic/remote control systems, the damaged parts are to be made accessible for inspection in such a way that the damage can be easily examined and ascertained. (BV Classification Rules).

The surveys are to be conducted in accordance with the latest rules and instructions of the classification society.

However, for older ships, in connection with repairs and/or replacement of parts subject to classification, as a matter of principle, the construction rules in force during the period of construction continue to be applicable.

This does not affect any modifications required to components on the occasion of repairs and/or replacement in the light of new knowledge gained by research on damage with a view to avoiding recurrence of similar damage. (BV Classification Rules)

1.3 Casualty Investigations / SOLAS Requirements

As stipulated in SOLAS 74/88, Chapter 1, Part C, Regulation 21, each Administration undertakes to conduct an investigation of any casualty occurring to any of its ships subject to the provisions of the Convention when it judges “that such an investigation may assist in determining what changes in the present Regulations might be desirable.”

It is also required that the Administration undertakes to supply IMO with “information concerning the findings of such investigations. No reports or recommendations of the Organization based upon such information shall disclose the identity or nationality of the ships concerned or in any manner fix or imply responsibility upon any ship or person.”

It is the responsibility of the Administration to decide if surveys are to be carried out for reasons of ascertaining cause and nature of casualties. This aspect of the investigation normally is more detailed and comprehensive with regard to causes than the damage report Accident investigation is the subject of another course and is not part of this course's scope.

2. Standard Procedures upon Completion of Survey

2.1 Complete Repair Surveys

As a general, rule, a successful completion of a repair survey should establish that “the condition of the ship and its equipment is maintained to conform with the provision of the Regulations to ensure that the ship in all respects remains fit to proceed to sea without danger to ship or persons on board” (Regulation 11 of SOLAS 74, Protocol 88, Chapter 1, Part B).

2.2 Partial Repair

When, however, a vessel is not completely repaired or reconditioned and an exemption is granted to the ship under and in accordance with SOLAS 74/78 a certificate called an “Exemption Certificate' shall be issued in addition to the certificates existing.” (SOLAS 74/88, Chapter 1, Part B, Reg.12) (Reference is made to Part A, Subject 6/Annual Surveys, Section 3, where the results for surveys are specified and where due consideration is given for dealing with problems resulting from deficiencies found.)

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