Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surveyor Guide Notes on Marpol Certificate Deficiencies

With marine pollution being a major concern to Port States, Port Slate Control Inspectors are taking a hard look at pollution prevention arrangements on board. Penalties can be quite stiff far an Owner if the vessel fails to comply with required regulations. Following is a comprehensive list of the types of deficiencies found. Note ¡that in some instances the vessel was detained due lo inaccuracies in the
Supplement to the Marpol Certificate versus actual arrangements on board. Surveyors shall pay strict attention to statements made in the Supplement and reissue a correct version, if necessary.

1. Oil content meter, printed circuit board for control section to be repaired.

2. Pollution placard not posted.

3. Transfer procedures did not contain procedures for reporting oil discharges (or hazardous material discharges) into the water.

4. Oil discharge monitors not operating satisfactorily.

5. Oil record book not filled out properly, not up-to-date.

6. 15 ppm alarm out of order.

7. Bilge and sludge pump arrangements not in compliance with Marpol regulations.

8. Oily water separator pump, automatic stopping device not working; soft patches in associated 
piping of Oil Water Separator.

9. Marpol Certificate Supplement not in compliance with latest MARPOL Amendments (not latest revision).

10. Sludge tank has direct connection over board through bilge system. Sludge is mixing with Fuel Oil in settling tank.

11. Quantities of sludge incinerated as indicated in Oil Record Book do not correspond with quantities of fuel taken on board.
12. Oil Record Book format does not conform to latest MARPOL Amendments (new format since 4 April 1993).

13. Sludge tank full and bilge separator pump is out of order, Sludge to be pumped ashore before departure.

14. Tank being used as sludge tank is not the tank indicated as the sludge tank in the IOPP Certificate Supplement.

15. Supplement to Marpol Certificate, section 2.6.2 has been filled out while vessel has no waiver from requirements of Regulation 16.

16. Oil record book. Letter Cedes have not been used correctly.

17. Part II of Oil Record Book has been used to record Annex II (NLS) cargoes. Separate Cargo Record Book shall be used for Annex II cargoes.

18. Oily water separating equipment, 3 way valve in over board line not working.

19. Vessel has incinerator on board which has not been recorded in Supplement to Marpol Certificate.

20. Control light on oily water separator indicates dirty filters are being used.

21. Oil residue tanks are not indicated in the Supplement to Marpol Certificate.

22. Marpol Certificate had expired.

23. Only one entry made in Oil Record Book regarding sludge being pumped into decanting tank.

24. Tank being used for ER oil residue and cargo slop tank is not indicated on approved plans. If tank is not accepted as a slop tank, then the tank shall be discharged and cleaned.

25. Sludge pump has direct connection overboard; spool piece to be removed and blank fitted.

26. Copy of MARPOL Regulations not on board.