Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surveyor Guide Notes on Safety Construction Certificate Deficiencies

The following listing deals mainly with deficiencies pertaining to the steering gear. Other deficiencies found which relate to structural items are discussed under class surveys.

1. Steering control system malfunctioning/failure.
2. Loss of steering power alarm to bridge.
3. Low level alarm missing on fluid system of steering gear.
4, Officers not knowledgeable/did not drill in emergency steering procedures (i.e., steering from steering gear room).
5. Emergency manual steering to be demonstrated.
6. Steering gear motor found with low insulation reading.
7. Communication device in emergency steering room to be operational.
1. Stanchions on port/starboard gangways were broken, missing, and steps on upper gangway platform heavily wasted/holed.
2. Handrails broken, bent, or missing.
3. Watertight doors holed, door edges wasted, dogs missing or frozen, gaskets missing, and unable to close properly.
4. Weathertight doors to Accommodation Spaces not closing properly or missing.
5. Serf-Closing doors were not working.
6. Tank air vent pipes were wasted, holed, soft-patched, and missing flame screens.
7. Ventilators were missing covers, dogs, found wasted/holed and associated vent duds found wasted and holed.
6. Ventilators and vent ducts found repaired with soft patches.
9. Heavy corrosion noted in the Forecastle Storage Spaces including holes in the forward transverse bulkheads.
10. Holes (wastage) in way of the Accommodation House Enclosed bulkheads.
11. Manhole hatch covers missing, and studs broken.
12. Cargo Hatch Covers wasted, holed and repaired by soft patches or doublers.
13. Cargo Hatch Covers missing bolting attachments or belting attachments damaged.
14. Hatch comings were fractured in way of the upper ends, and in way of lower connections to main deck. Main deck plating in way of hatch coming connections found fractured.
15. Doublers fitted on Main Deck between Cargo Holds, and adjacent deck, plating suspect.
16. Hatch Covers found holed.
17. Deck in Mast house holed.
18. Deck in Refrigeration Flat found wasted and holed,
19. Closing device, for Steering Gear Room door was disconnected, and Steering Gear Room self-closing device for sounding pipes were inoperable.
20. Hydraulic lines for deck equipment. found wasted, holed. and repaired with 50ft patches.
21. Brake band seized on Cargo Hatch winches.
22. Wasted Anchor Chain.
23, Chain shackles missing on port/starboard Anchor chains.
24. Clutch lever positioning location pins on Windlass and Mooring Winch were missing.
25. Procure proper grates for hawse pipe.
26. Wasted Chain locker bottom structure.
27. Repair holes in stack.
28. Gross deterioration of all internal structural numbers in the mid ship Upper Wing Ballast Tanks to the point of their detachment room the side shell, main deck, and ballast lank slope plating.
29. Multiple lower Angle brackets in Cargo Hold found fractured or wasted at the toes.
30. Leaking Upper Wing Ballast Tanks.
31. Fractured and wasted web frames in Upper Wing Ballast Tanks.
32. Numerous listings of damaged or wasted longitudinal in topsides tanks.
33. Holes in Cargo Hold Transverse bulkheads.
34. Bottom plating found set-up along with associated bottom longitudinal.
35. Damaged plating areas covered with concrete patches prior to Classification notification or examination.
36. Cargo leaking from Cargo Tanks into the segregated ballast tanks.
37. Engine room partially flooded with oily water, and crew felt it necessary to cut a hole in the forward transverse bulkhead lo allow the water to flow into the cargo hold.
38. Severe pitting in way of the side shell plating, wind and water strakes.
39. Doublers on Nº 2 double bottom lank top are considered temporary repairs which are to be further examined and made permanent prior to renewal of full term Cargo Ship Safety Construction.
40. All bilges, associated piping, and strainers in cargo hold to be repaired.
41. Fractures in Cargo on Tanks, and adjacent void spaces.
42. Heavy rust and scale found on structural members and on bottom of ballast tanks. Tank could not be inspected due to amount of loose scale and water in bottom of tank.
43. Suspect plating to be checked by NDT method for further consideration.
44. Overdue for Completion of Special Survey Nº 3, Gauging and Wastage Repairs Remain.
45. Emergency fire pumps would not start, or would not pump water lo main deck. Pumps would run hot and/or throttle controls required constant manual adjustment.
46. Fire pumps were found inoperable.
47. Fire mains found holed, leaking, and or covered with doublers or soft patches.
48. Numerous fire hoses found missing through-out numerous tire stations found with missing or no equipment.
49. Numerous leaking fire hoses.
50. Relief valve inoperable on firemains system.
51. Emergency engine for emergency lights and auxiliary equipment found nol working.
52. Emergency generators could not pass operational safety trip test, and could not carry ships toad for required time. Generators could not parallel.
53. Excessive motor leak on generator.
54. Emergency generator batteries with charger were not suitable for use..
55. Wrong, type of fire hose nozzles.
56. Free-up firemains isolation valve.
57. No rubber mal below emergency switchboard.
58. Emergency fighting to be repaired as required.
59. Control circuits relays (two) worm and contacts burnt.
60. Clean engine room. Remove excess oily water from under generators and from engine room bilges.
61. Nº 3 Cargo Pump found to be leaking heavily, and not to be used for pumping cargo.
62. Open wiring on forward section of bridge.
63. Lights improperly wired in main deck house.
64. Lights installed in paint locker not explosion proof.
65. Missing numerous guards on pulleys and mooring equipment in engine room and aft steering.
66. No proof of maintenance in tire fighting equipment.
67. Renew paint locker starboard electrical switch and protective line.
68. Renew missing glass globes in boson stores forepeak.
69. Modify sludge piping system
70. One watertight cover missing and another one to be repaired in electrical boxes on starboard side between cargos holds.
71. Ballast stripping ejector pipe leaking.
72. Turbo charger gas inlets to be insulated.
73. Repair/replace sea suction fine to ballast pumps.
74. Repair/replace fuel oil cooling line in engine room.
75. Correct coupling to be fitted on fire hydrant, bridge deck port.
76. Engine room bilge pumps could not be used to pump out engine room.
77. Missing breaker panel doors and electric motor closures.
78. Exhaust has leaks on main engine.
79. Could not move any ballast water out of ballast tanks.
80. Thrust collar heavily scored in way of bearing surfaces on the ahead face.
81. Unit, two (2) main bearing bottom half scored and white metal lining partly wiped out.
82. Main engine diesel oil line leaking.
83. Naked lights in engine room.
84. Repack fire pumps shaft in both pumps.
85. Repair auxiliary S.W. pump suction pipe.
86. The sludge pump discharge fine is approximately 30 feet of PVC pipe and rubber tube. Replace with adequate steel piping.
87. Demonstrate the operation of the local steering gear control using the bypass valve instead of disconnecting the control linkage.
88. Communication bridge-steering gear room not functioning.
89. The 110 volt A.C. system was not grounded.
90. Following piping systems found with soft patches:
a. Main diesel engine saltwater cooling suction valve.
b. Auxiliary generator salt water discharge line.
c. Main diesel air cooler salt water cooling.
d. Main ballast suction line.
91. Repair sewage pump lines starboard side in engine room
92. On deck is placed an extra generator connected electrically to the back side of the main switchboard-cables pass several watertight doors and hatches so closing is not possible.
93. Oil mist detector for main engine malfunctioning.
94. Paint locker fire extinguishing installation missing.
95. Grounds need repair on main switchboard in engine room.
96. Large B-V fire extinguisher in engine room has deteriorated hose.
97. Fuel oil leaks in engine room.
98. No. 4 cylinder is not functioning on starboard main diesel engine.
99. Rudder angle indicator missing.