Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surveyor Guideline Note on Hull Coating Inspection.

This Surveyor guideline has been designed by International to help you note the essential data that must be recorded when you carry out your inspection in the drydock.

From your observations noted in the dock you can complete the Inspection and Coatings Report or New building Report in full, back in your office.

To assist you to collect the data for the Inspection and Coatings Report, this aid outlines the key questions and contains the illustrated standards and reference photographs.

Comments on Previous Coating performance, Surface Preparation, Coating Application and Recommendations for next Dry-docking.

*This information is usually available from Equasis or Class Society.

Extent diagrams


Extent diagrams (cont...)

Typical forms of corrosion due to mechanical damage

Typical forms of corrosion due to non-mechanical causes


Typical forms of cracking/crazing

Common forms of weed fouling

Common forms of animal fouling

Severity of animal fouling