Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surveyor Guide Notes on Loadline Certificate Deficiencies

The following listing deals mainly with deficiencies pertaining to Load Line markings; other deficiencies found which relate to structural items are discussed under class surveys.

1. Port side load line marks incorrect.
2. Stability information not in language understandable to crew.
3. Marks on vessel to not conform to Freeboard Certificate.

The following is a comprehensive listing of the deficiencies found relating to the Annual Load Line.

4. Plimsoll marks not clearly visible or missing port/starboard sides of vessel.
5. Summer and Tropical mark as noted on vessels Load Line Certificate were not painted on the vessels sides.
6. Scupper drains closed.
7. Hull damage or wastage noted to closing appliances.
8. Far other applicable Load line items corresponding to the hull integrity.